Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 02:28:32 -0700 (PDT)
yourname sandy

Hi, I had only two supernatural experiences in my life. The first was in a nude bar where I used to work. I worked there nine years ago the first time. At that time the place was lively and jumping. After a few months, I left to work at other clubs. Then, two years ago, I went back there to work and it felt very different there. I felt a sadness about the place, not a presence, but an absence. It was also strange that in the lobby, office and dressing room there was always incense and candles burning and pictures of saints on the wall. Nude bars seem hardly the place for religion.

I never told anyone how I felt that the place was haunted, but soon enough one of the dancers who was superstitious would bring special oils to work and sprinkle them in the doorway. Also, they changed the lightbulbs from red ones to blue ones. After that it didn’t feel quite as sad. After I told people how I felt the place had changed its mood in the past years and I thought it to be haunted, they told me that five years before that, some dancer had been stabbed to death there.

It was especially odd that this club had hidden rooms that were never put into use, such as a hallway with a functioning bathroom in it behind the dressing room. There was also an appartment that hadn’t been in use for at least ten years and there was a big, mean dog out back to guard it, so I never had a chance to snoop around up there. The place burned down last year (firefighters say those false walls in there made it very flammable and they never found the cause of the fire).

The club has been rebuilt on that foundation but I haven’t been there so I don’t know if it’s still haunted. the d.j. died in that fire, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still haunted. One time when nobody was out on the floor, I was just sitting at my usual table and I felt a moving draft behind me (as if someone was walking by). A moment later, my table cloth suddenly fell off the table (i was sitting still and it never fell off like that before).

My other supernatural experience happened when I was with some friends in a classroom and we were playing “light as a feather”. I was the one that they were raising. As they did this thing over my head as I sat upright, I felt a vibration over my right knee where this woman was standing. I just kept quiet and serious and then they each put two fingers under me and lifted me way up. But then one of them was stoned and he laughed and I dropped “whump” down into my chair.

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