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I would really like to share this story with you. My family, for generations, have been raised with the belief in the paranormal. Family members have had numerous experiences. Anyway, here is the beginning of mine. These experiences occurred in our family home, which by the way, was a model home prior to my parent’s purchasing.

I am the youngest of 4 children. My mother had 2 miscarriages between the middle children (twins) and myself. When I was approx. 4 months old, my mother would constantly hear a baby crying. She would come in and check on the smaller children but none of us were crying. This continued for a few months. My mother thought she was going insane because she had 3 infants and that was her entire life. Until, finally, my father, very emphatically, asked her, “For God Sakes Dona, can’t you hear that baby crying?”. By this time the crying was no longer focused in a single room. It could be heard throughout the entire house. She was both relieved (that she wasn’t going insane) and alarmed (that something strange was happening). She contacted a medium, and she explained that it was either a lost sole attracted by the small children, or one of the children she had lost. My mother was instructed to perform a ritual to set the spirit free, which she did so faithfully for several weeks. Soon the crying stopped. Several years later, my youngest brother acquired an imaginary friend named Charlie. We would all make fun of him until we started experiencing Charlie’s presence ourselves. Doors would open and shut on their own, strong smells of Violets, temperature changes in specific rooms, clattering, walking, whispering, flashes of light, objects disappearing in the house, the dog barking at corners of rooms, fires blaring from cinders, lights coming on and off… Neighbors experienced some of these things also. My sister claims she was being suffocated by a man in a black cloak and top hat. A few weeks later, he appeared in my room but only stood there until I screamed. Regardless, my parents sold the house and everything in it with the exception of the dishes and a spinning wheel chair which was a family heirloom that my brother asked to keep. (that is a story for another time). During our move, we found a marriage certificate from the late 1800s in the attic. Even my grandmothers had no recollection of anyone by that name being associated with our family. My parent’s no longer have any experiences in their new home. I, however, continue to live with very minor experiences – at least for now.

If anyone would like to share their stories, please feel free to contact me at Gabofpa@aol.com.

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