Me and my two friends, AJ and Derek, decided to sneak out of the house and go on a night-hike at midnight. We left Derek’s house with our flashlights and sweatshirts and headed to a trail that leads to another neighborhood. The trail leads you to a culdesac with normal houses and normal cars like SUV’s and sedans.

As soon as we passed the street crossing the entrance to the culdesac, we heard car coming from behind us. We turned around to find a gigantic armored car, completely pitch black, except for the red tail-lights and yellow reflectors on the edges of the vehicle. I didn’t really think much of it until Derek yelled, “Holy sh-t! Where the f-ck did that car come from?!” AJ and I realized that we didnt see ANY big car like that in the culdesac, only SUV’s and sedans. No car that big could fit in any garage. Of course we got freaked out and ran as fast as we could.

As we walked, I took out the digital camera and took some pictures of our night-walk. As I examined the photo I took of AJ, I found that there was a little grey orb to the left of him. I didn’t think much of it at the time. We ended up the the Large Stone Minimart and decided to head back.
We neared the cross street where we saw the ghost car. A sound of a engine revving echoed from the direction of the culdesac. “Holy sh-t, turn on the flashlight.” The flashllight, which had been working perfectly before would not turn on, RIGHT WHEN WE GOT TO THAT CROSS STREET. It worked a few feet back from the intersection. The only sound the flashlight made when I pressed the button was a wierd buzzing sound.
We sprinted down the street to a larger road, which was desolate and dark, but not the creepy dark culdesac. Derek recalls hearing and feeling something drop from one of his pockets. He dimly lighted the ground with his cell-phone, but did not see anything. He checked his pockets and everything was there.

That is the story of the haunted culdesac.

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