When I was a young child, I lived in a big house in Australia. It never seemed to be haunted when we first moved in, but then the hauntings started a few years later. My mother’s jewelry, ornaments, etc. would always go missing, and turn up in the same spot a few days later. It also happened to my father when his tools were in the shed, which annoyed them both greatly.

One night the ghosts were particularly on a role. My grandmother came down with a casserole and sat it on the stove. The stove was off; my mother had even checked. As soon as they retreated to the lounge they smelt a very strong burning smell. Within what seemed like minutes the casserole was completely burnt black.

That same night my grandmother saw “Andrea” (which is my mother) standing in the hallway, and she said “Andrea?” and to the left of my Nanna’s ear was a reply, “Yes”? Andrea was standing in the kitchen and the lady in the hallway disappeared as soon as my nan looked back.

Another night, my mother got back from the pub. She had drunk no drinks, because she was driving that night. Me and my brothers were being babysat by a lady that lived up the road. Her name was Anita. Mum looked in the window and saw “Anita” going through her cupboard. She yelled out, “Anita!” The lady looked around and gave my mother a dirty look. My mother was very annoyed that Anita had been going through her cupboard and that she gave her a dirty look.

When mother went inside, Anita was fast asleep on the couch. My mother had to shake her silly just so she would wake up. When she finally arose my mum said, “What on earth were you doing going through my cupboard?” and Anita swore on her life that she wasn’t. Mum could tell that Anita was genuinely asleep and that she wasn’t the lady going through my mother’s cupboard. There were other witnesses that saw this lady figure snooping through the cupboard also. These are just a few stories of what happened in my house, but I am not about to tell all of them.

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