Okay, to start off with I’m male and I’m 13 years of age.

I was having an average day. Got up, went to school, came home. That sort of thing. At school my class had been studying ghosts in English, if they were true or not. I didn’t think they were at the time.

I got in from school. Opened the door and came in, but my mam and dad were out at the hospital. Went straight upstairs, got changed and went on the computer. I decided to research about ghosts on the internet, find the sort of thing that might change my mind about beleiving. (Thats how I found this
website.) Just as I logged on my mam rang. I answered and she said: Dale, I’ll be at least an extra hour because a lorry has turned over on the road and there’s loads of traffic. So, I thought nothing of it and back upstairs I went.

So, I was researching and I started getting a little bit scared, where your ears raise the volume so they can hear anything, you know what I mean? Well, anyway, after about 5 minutes of research the computer restarted and the door slowly opened. I was already scared and this didn’t help. I ran straight down my stairs out the next door, through the kitchen door and unlocked the back door. My dog was in the kitchen at the time and I feel safer with him so I quickly got him to come out with me and shut the door. I opened the back gate and went onto the front garden to see if there was any
sign of my mam and dad. (Obviously there wasn’t.) Oh and I also left the dog in the back garden. So I came back in through the back gate when I noticed the dog was at the top of the garden, looking directly into the computer room and growling. I shouted his name but he didnt move. I slowly walked
over to see what he was looking at when I saw a figure stood by the window. I was realy scared and went over to my friend’s house until my parents got back.

Thanks for reading, if anyone has experienced anything like this then please contact me. Oh and this happened 2 days ago before writing this message, 3/11/05.

From: “Dale Rodgers” dalerodgers38@hotmail.com
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: Dales Tale
Date: Saturday, November 05, 2005 1:21 PM

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