Hey everybody, this is the first time I’ve ever written about my paranormal experiences… so bear with me here.

When I was about 11-12, my family and I moved out west (the outback) to a quaint little country town named Wallumbilla. We lived in a house that was about 100 years old, so it was a bit old and rickety. My aunt, who had lived in the house before we did told us many stories about the old deceased grandmother of the owners of the house, who had passed away in her sleep in the same house. So many people had seen her it was nothing new to them… But when out of the corner of my eye i saw a shadow standing next to a deck chair we had, I was naturally frightened.

Well that was creepy enough for an 11 year old… but when i saw her sitting in the deck chair… watching me, I was ready to run there and then. This was NO shadow, she was looking at me just sitting there smiling, looking as real as you or me, but something else caught my attention and I looked away for no more than a second, and when I looked back, she was gone.

After that I saw her more times than I could count, always sitting in that same deck chair, or in the kitchen. But for some reason, whenever I saw her, I felt really good inside… warm even. This was NOTHING like my second encounter with the paranormal… which I will post shortly after this one.

Date: Unknown
From: Anonymous

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