Story: These probably won’t sound much good but I know of a few occurances around where I live.

The first concerns a museum in Griffithstown where I volunteered for a few years and have been present at a number of events. Several people who have been to functions there in the evenings (held in the cafe-bar on a maisonette level) have seen a figure of a an old lady in antique clothes and an overall icy grey haze walk across their path from one side of the main hall to another when they’ve gone downstairs to the toilets. Most people feel that even on the hottest summer days and despite a good central heating system, the area of path of the grey lady is always icy cold; indeed in the winter, you go outside to warm up! I’ve never seen the old lady but I’ve noticed the temperature drop until you can see your breath and then warm up as I’ve walked through the area on many occaisions. Many of us doors open and close which you know are locked and your the only person in the building and objects move from on end of the building to another overnight through locked doors.

I also used to work on the second floor of a small (but classy) department store part time when I was in school for extra money. I know of no reason why it should be haunted but a lot of the staff had certain feelings on the subject. The ground floor seemed fine but the main stockrooms on the first floor had an uneasy feeling with several members of staff refusing to go in until someone put the lights on and stayed with them until they had what they needed. The second floor seemed to be the most haunted though. I and another member of staff on separate occaisions have seen a ghostly figure for only the briefest of seconds on one stockroom (giftware, vases and frames) as we opened the door and flipped the lights on.

But the most activity seemed to come from in and around lighting and cushions stockroom. Myself and a customer saw a silver pen fly (as if thrown) from its stand (next to the stockroom door) with no-one within 3 ft of it. A glass lampshade at the back of a shelf within the stockroom ‘fell’ off and broke on the hand of a colleauge who was working on the opposite side of the room. I don’t work there since I went to University but last time I was home my mother told me that there had been a small, unexplainable fire in the store recently (she’s a regular customer). When I asked her where, she said lighting stockroom.


Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 09:50:15 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Gareth
Location: Nr Newport, South Wales, UK

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