Note: For more information about this and other ghost lights, check out my book The True Ghost Stories Archive: Spooklights, available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Below is a condensed version of the chapter in the book.

Location: Big Piney Creek near Dover, Arkansas

Appearance: Flickering and swaying lights in many colors that appear in the valley below an overlook.


  1. The valley is an Indian burial ground and the lights are the spirits of Native Americans.
  2. The lights are the spirits of miners who were killed in a mining accident in the hills.
  3. The lights are the ghosts of Spanish Conquistadors searching for treasure in the valley.
  4. Long ago, a doctor helped the sick wife of an old couple. The couple gave him silver bullets as payment. Later, after the couple died, the doctor went back to their house to try to steal their cache of silver. The lights are the couple protecting their treasure.

Other explanations: None.

Additional notes: One must shout, “I have your treasure (or gold or silver)” from the valley overlook to call the lights.

Reader Comments:

“The lights appear in the valley and flicker and sway most of the time. On one active occasion I saw them move about three miles in around 10-15 seconds. They appear all colors and can even light up the whole valley.” – Brian, June 1999

“They are most often seen on the steep mountain side across the river. They are no houses, no roads or any thing else there. Just a forest covered mountain side. Sometimes there is just one. Sometimes there is more. I’ve seen them move. I’ve seen them get bright then dim. They look like there is people down there with a flash light going through the woods. It looks like there light disappears behind trees and then reappears.” – Doug, November 1999

“Since the legend has to do with Spanish conquistadors looking for their lost treasure, one my friends told me to yell “I have your treasure.” He said that when you yell that the lights are supposed to move toward your direction and seem to be coming after you. As soon as i did this bright white light appeared in the valley and lasted for several seconds. Soon after we saw several other lights appear on and off. Some flickered, some were red, and they did actually seem to be coming our way, slowly but surely.” – Darren, May 2000

“My grandma used to live nearby and she has said that the lights occurred way before electricity was. There are no trails leading to the area and it is very remote. There are stories of people who have wondered around there and heard chanting and other unusual things. We have brung binoculars to observe the lights and they seem to reflect off of water.” – Kayla, January 2005

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