This is a very strange but true story. When I was about 12 years I kept having this reoccuring dream. It was a dream of me laying down on my couch and feeling that someone was watching me. When I would look at the window directly above my head, I would see a scary looking women’s face, all pale white and dark black hair. Once I would see this face, I would instantly wake up.

I kept having this dream for 2 and a half months straight. It started getting scary because I didn’t think you could have the same dream more than once. I even went to the doctor to see if I could get any help, but nothing helped. Finally on the final day of this nightmare, I didn’t wake up when I saw her face, the dream seemed to continue. Once I saw the lady’s face, I stood up and rain towards my stairs, looking behind me seeing this lady chasing me. She finally grabbed my legs while I was running up the stairs, and once again I woke up.

After that dream I never dreamt it again…. until…. my first year of college. I moved in on my first day of school to the dorms. I never met my roommate before, but we seemed to get along great. He was majoring in Graphic Arts and decided to show me his portfolio. While he was flipping through his pictures and showing me them…. there she was again. The same lady I dreamt about 7 years earlier!!!!

Date: Sun, 16 May 1999
address anonymous

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