This story comes from Vail, Arizona, just south of Tucson. The Vail School district had been expanding rapidly for years, and finally construction began on the district’s badly needed fourth elementary school. Cottonwood Elementary was built in the middle of a large housing area, surrounded by hundreds of new houses.

During construction, one of the workers brought his little boy to come see him work and watch the big tractors as they drove around digging up the ground. The boy had been wearing a blue striped shirt, and was playing with some small plastic army men in the sand. At some point, the man, while driving one of the tractors, lost track of where his son had been sitting. He figured that his son had gone to use the Porta-Potty. Putting the tractor into reverse, he began to back up, when suddenly the screams of his coworkers reached him and he immediately stopped. Upon climbing down from the machine, he was hit with the horror that he had backed over his own son. The boy died on the grounds that was to be his school.

Cottonwood Elementary has experienced a few strange happenings in the four years since its opening.

In the cafeteria, a janitor was cleaning up after lunch hour. She heard one of the doors open, and looked to see who it was, only to see an empty room. She looked outside to see if anyone had walked by, and there was no one. A few seconds later, in the exact amount of time required to walk across the entire cafeteria, the door on the opposite side opened. The janitor watched as it opened itself and closed, without being touched. Also in the cafeteria, the same janitor had a ladder leaning against a wall, in no way was it ready to fall at any moment. As she walked past it carrying a box, the ladder feel on her, knocking her to the floor, and injuring her spine. She claims to have heard the sound of a child’s giggles.

The next building over is the kindergarten room. The teacher has complained that nearly every day the clock which hangs on the wall has randomly fallen down. Also, the toys kept in the room are often found lying out in the mornings, when the teacher knows they had been put away the day before. Most often, the bucket of plastic army men was poured onto the floor, several set standing as if in battle.

And in the restrooms that sit between the kindergarten building and the cafeteria, several students have claimed to have seen a little boy wearing a blue striped shirt who throws wet paper towels to stick to the ceiling.

The little boy who had died was known to have been a trouble maker.


Subject: Elementary Ghost
Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 7:47 PM

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