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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Re: Estate sales
Date: 6 Feb 1996 16:36:58 GMT

When my husband and I were house hunting several years ago, we viewed a house that gave us both the creeps. No one was living in the house at the time — this always makes it feel a little weird anyways, but we had been through probably 25 houses during a period of two or three months and some of those had not had an owner living there when we were shown through. This particular house was on a lovely street, and was about 50-60 years old. There was a ‘lock box’ on the front door and our realtor had the key.

He unlocked the lock box, and was able to open the door slightly until suddenly it was as if something was trying to hold the door closed. He pushed hard on the door (which was open about a three inch gap) but something was definitely blocking it. He pushed harder and finally the door came open, taking with it part of the door frame which was now splintered. We were shocked, and looked all around the inside of the door to see what had been blocking it – but there was nothing.

Once inside, we still felt uncomfortable in the house – the feeling was sort of suffocating. There was no furniture in the house at all, but when we went up to see the attic, there was a table and chair sitting in the middle of the room, along with a couple of cigarette butts. We thought that was rather odd. We went to the basement, and my husband said he felt extremely uncomfortable there. After we went back upstairs, my husband decided to go view the 2nd floor again. He got halfway to the second floor and says that he suddenly knew he shouldn’t go any further. We never felt more uncomfortable in a house as we did that day, and needless to say, did not pursue that listing any further!

It sat vacant for several more months, and now I see that there is a family living there. It was a very nice house – but I have to wonder whether they’ve experienced any strange happenings! I don’t know why that house had such an oppressive feeling to it – maybe because it was vacant – but I still think there might have been more to it. We live several blocks from that house now, and I avoid it if I am out walking the dog.

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