Hi, my name is Lymari and I’m from Bridgeport, Connecticut. I saw your page, and I decided to share my story with you guys.

Well, it all happened about 6 years ago when we moved to this house. When we first got to this house, I felt something weird in this house. I felt like if there was somebody watching me, I felt really strange. When we finish moving, we started having problems with the house.

One night I was sleeping, and I saw a lady standing front of my bed. I thought it was my sister, so I kept sleeping. Like an hour later, I woke up and I still see this lady front of my bed. I kind of got scared, cause she was just there staring at me. I turn on a lamp I had next to my bed, and when I look back where she was, she was gone. The next day I told my mother about it, and she didn’t believe me.

Then, the next night, I saw her again. She came to my room, but she was floating. My mother started to believe a little bit about everything I was telling her, when my next door neighbor told her husband that she saw a woman coming out of my house. Her husband the next day told my father that his wife saw a woman coming out of your house, and his wife got scared cause the women she saw coming out didn’t open any doors to come out. My father then told him that I am the only one in this house that can see her. Then my father asked him what she was wearing. He said she was with a white long pajama. My father told me, and I said yes, that’s her.

Then like 3 or 4 years later, a friend of my mother came with her husband to my house. We never saw him before, and he said he saw a woman in my house and that she was wearing a white long pajama, and he told me to not be afraid of her, cause she wasn’t going to hurt me. The next day, without my mother telling them about the people who used to live here before us, he told me that this ghost is a Portuguese lady. I was surprised cause the people who were living here were indeed Portuguese people.

I haven’t seeing the ghost lately, cause one day I was telling her to go with God, that this house is no longer her house. But I know she’s still here, cause I can hear foot steps when I’m here all alone, and I feel like somebody is looking at me. Sometimes my dog starts staring at things that aren’t there, and starts barking, and he starts like following something and barking all night long.

From: Umabel232003@aol.com
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Date: Thursday, August 18, 2005 3:37 PM

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