From: “phil262116” (
Subject: Foo Fighters
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 23:32:33 +0100

Dear Obiwan,

I read with interest your website regarding “ghost lights”, as I live in England and we have the same phenomenon, only it is referred to as Jack the Lantern. It is said that these lights guide travellers home (ususally from pubs!) but apart from the old story that it is caused by marsh gases, I haven’t heard a credible theory. One thing I wanted to draw your attention to was “Foo Fighters”….no doubt you have heard of this, and I think more attention could be paid to the scores of Allied pilots during WW2 (and German) who logged these strange lights accompanying there aircraft. There are two things that strike me as interesting about foo fighters…..firstly, a fair number of credible, well-trained and sober pilots in WW2 saw them (and reported them) and secondly, German pilots saw them too! Indeed, early reports by Allied pilots convinced the high command that Germany had a new “secret weapon”…..and yet, equally, German pilot’s reports were noted by the Luftwaffe and recorded as evidence of a new Allied jet aircraft! One American bomber crew stated that these lights appeared to guide their lone bomber home after it had dropped out of formation and prone to attack…..thus, there were 8 independent witnesses! Anyway, all the best, my name is Phil and my e-mail is, I’d be interested in hearing about any new info on those foo fighters!

Yours sincerely,

Phil Williams

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