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My Name is D. Favero from California. My email address is:
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I have experienced a few things in my life that has that led me to believe in the paranormal. (i.e ghosts, spirits, etc) Although, the first things I have experienced are nothing to be made a big deal of. I usually brushed them off and had ignored them. Let me begin by saying that I am 26 yrs. old and have always lived in the same house off and on with my parents. Nothing tragic has ever happened in the house, no one died or anything. My parents bought the house when it was first built years ago.

When I was roughly 12 or 13 yrs old I would often stand in the doorway that led into my sister’s room and we would talk about our day/week briefly. I used to wear a night gown. A couple times I would be standing in the doorway leaning on the door frame talking when I would feel something sweep accross the back of my night gown. The heater or air conditioner was not on at the time. My sister thought I was going nuts until the next time that happened she saw the bottom of my night gown sway without my legs or any other body part move. There was no one behind me. This freaked me out.

Another time that happened was when I was home alone and I was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes and the same thing happened. It felt like a hand swept across the bottom of my nightgown. Again, the heater nor the air conditioner were on. (I am very sure of this because my dad is a tightwad $ wise and hardly ever had a/c or heater on). Ever since then I never wore a night gown again, only pj bottoms.

One more experience happened when I was about 15 yrs old. I am the kind of person who wakes up during the night very thirsty. One night I woke up very thirsty and I walked out to the kitchen to get some water. If you face our kitchen sink there are two large windows that look out to the back yard. If you look out one of the windows and a little to the left you can see a door that leads to the garage. The garage door has a window too. So as I was tilting my head back to take a drink of water, I happened to glance at the garage door from the kitchen window and I see a figure of a thin man wearing all black with long black hair walking through our back yard.

I was so scared that I ran to my bedroom and hid under my bedspread (as if they were to protect me lol) and I let out a huge scream. Outside my bedroom window are rocks which my dad had smoothed out earlier that day while he was raking. When my dad came running in to see what I was screaming about we heard footprints in the rocks. I was terrified but my dad presumed that it was a rodent of some sort. The next morning my dad woke me up with a pale face and told me to look out my window at the rocks. I did so and I immediately became terrified because there were footprints of a human all along in the rocks. At that time a neighbor (across the street) worked nights and he came home from work about the time I had that incident and he said he never saw or heard anything. It was creepy!

From: “Davia Favero”
Subject: Night Crawler
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 5:10 PM

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