Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 18:54:20 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Kimberly Grissett

Grandma’s Haunted House

I was 14 years old and was staying home from school, my grandmother was away on a trip to canada to visit a friend and she had asked my father if he would check the house for her while she was away. It was a beautiful day out. It was the start of spring and I had just come from a doctor’s appt with my parents when my father decided to check on my grandmothers house.

He unlocked the back door and I went to the bathroom while he and my mother looked around the house. As I was finishing up my parents went outside to check out the back yard. As they where doing this I went to the living room and sat down to look at some magazines. The house was very quiet and I welcomed the quiet as it had been a very trying day for me at the doctor’s.

Then I heard it, the distinct sound of footsteps above my head. I tried very hard to keep my wits about me as I listened to the footsteps walking across the room upstairs. The front door and the stairs to go up were in my sight as I heard those footsteps proceed down the stairs, but I saw nobody there. Then the sounds stoped for a minute, then they started up again right above me this time.

I didnt want to wait around to see what was making those sounds so I ran outside. There I was greeted by my parents and I tried real hard to tell them what I had just heard. My father started to smile at me and told me he would come in and see what was going on. As my parents came into the house I asked them if they could just listen for the steps. They smiled and told me they would. Half of me was hoping not to hear those footsteps and the other half was hoping I would so my parents wouldn’t think I was crazy.

So there we all stood in the living room quiet, not moving or talking, when all of a sudden the footsteps started up again as before right above us. My breaths came fast and my heart was pounding as we listened to them come down the stairs as before, but we all were looking at the steps and saw no one coming down them.

My father had now decided to go upstairs to have a look around and as he was going upstairs he asked my mother to go to the back stairs to make sure no one was up there. I waited in the living room as they were doing this. I could hear my father walking around as he carefully checked all the rooms. Seeing no one and hearing nothing, he came back down and my parents joined me back in the living room.

My father could only offer one explanation to what we had heard and that was the house was haunted and had been since he was a little boy, and that he had heard many stange sounds and had seen many things happen in that house as he was growing up there. As he was telling this, we heard those footsteps again and this time we decided to leave as fast as we could.

I have been back to that house many more times and now my parents own the house. My parents and my family have heard those footsteps many times but now we don’t run from them, we are just glad that something is watching out for us.

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