This happend to a friend of mine. She went to viset her mothers grave at the cemetery. As she was leaving she noticed a burial service was in progress. She saw a little boy of about 12 sitting by himself on a stone bench a small distance away watching the service and she decided to join him. She described him as a very normal happy young boy dressed in a navy blue suit. The boy then started pointing out the people at the service saying things like “Thats my mom” and “Theres my uncle Ned”. My friend assumed he was just at a family members funeral and was told to sit on the bench as it might be too much for young child and nothing more. Then the young boy stood up and said “I have to go now, my mom needs me. Bye” And proceded to burial service. A little teary eyed, she watch him walk down the small grassy hill when she lost sight of him. As she was leaving she bumped in to the funeral director who took care her own mothers service. After chatting awhile the family that she had just seen were walking from the service. “How sad” she commented to him. “Very sad ” he replied. “They lost a child to cancer” It was then my friend noticed there were no children in the group, just adults. “Was he a little boy?” My friend asked. “Yes” said the funeral director. “He was only 12” She continued to watch as the members of the service walked by to see if she could find the boy she hsd just talked with but again saw no children. She is convinced the polite happy young man she spoke with was the ghost of the 12 year old boy who was being laid to rest. But what stayed with her the most was the concerned look on his young face when he said, “I have to go now, my mom needs me”

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 12:56:35 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Skip Pacer
Location: Forest Lawn Cemetery, California

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