We heard this story this story a while back.

When Bryans mom was about the age of 12 she went on a trip with her mother and father to the Gettysburg battlefield. She went into one of the towers of the museum and entered a little bedroom type room. She stood out on the balcony. She looked out to gaze upon the battlefield. As she continued to gaze upon the field she wondered about the men and women who died on that field for fighting for what they believed in. Then out of the corner of her eye she spotted the shadow of a women. “Mom what do you want” she said. But when she turned she didn’t see anyone. But the shadow of the women still remained there. She walked around the room to figure out where the shadow was coming from. She walked around the room several times but the shadow still was placed there. She was so scared she ran out as fast as she could.

So was the women a soldier trying to reach out to tell some one about her life as a soldier, or was it just a figure of something shaped as a women. Go to that room in Gettysburg to find out for your self.

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