Subject: misc. stories
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 22:12:30 -0800

These are a couple of thing that have happened to me. (Note: I am Native American.)

One time we were at a powwow in Geary, Oklahoma. If you know the place it has a nickname, “scary” Geary. Anyway, we were leaving a powwow late one night after it was over and we were pulling out of the parking lot, and me ,my brother, and my mom were looking in the road and we saw this thing. It looked like a white tube, and it was walking across the road like an inch worm. It was maybe 6-8-inches long. And my brother said, “Did you see that?” and my mom said, “Just go!”

Another time, me, my mom, nephew and niece were at another powwow (again in the middle of nowhere) and we were driving through this field in a 1974 Chevy pickup and something knocked on the bottom of the passenger side door. Now if you know what it sounds like when someone knocks on a car door, that’s what it sounded like. This happened in the dark, in the middle of nowhere and no one was around. We were going around 30 mph, so i know whatever it was wasn’t a person.

One last story. Me and my mom went to bingo and we got home around 10:30. We had a screen door and the front door at the house. When we went inside and heard the screen door shut, something knocked on the inside door. That scared us big time. My mom says that if someone came to our house and left something and later died, then they probably came back for whatever they left.

One time (after i had just left my first husband) I was living with this guy whose family told me his ex was a witch, and the house we were living in was haunted, because there had been people murdered there. One night we were sitting in the front room watching TV in the dark and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light just float down like this, then it disappeared. I told the guy (who I am no longer with) did you see that? And he said no, but it was probably a spook. Scared the crap out of me and i left him (for other reasons) a few weeks later.

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