Here’s another true ghost story that happened to my family.

Several years ago, in the mid-’80s, my aunt’s father died. He was elderly but in good health and his death came as a shock. My aunt and uncle flew out to California for the funeral and stayed for a week.

Just as a bit of background, we are Asian in descent. While most of my family has converted to Christianity, many of the older family members still practice animism and ancestor worship and other strange stuff. My aunt and her family fell into the latter catergory. Her father was a former shaman who performed ritual ceremonies regularly. Thus paranormal things were the norm for them. Thus the following was not a big surprise to the older folks who knew their family at the time. But it scared the hell out of us kids.

Anyway, after his funeral, my aunt and uncle came home and carried on with life as usual. Then several weeks after his death, a family friend called my aunt. They had a typical conversation. Then he mentioned to her that he had talked her father. At first my aunt assumed that he meant he had talked to her father before he died. But as she asked him more, the friend said that he had just spoken to her father a few days ago! When my aunt told him that her father had died several weeks ago, the friend nearly had a heart attack.

From: “fob superstar”
Subject: Ghostly Phone Conversation
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:33 PM

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