Story: This sounds like a fantasy, but it’s true. I was lying in bed on a Saturday talking to my dogs. But, as I said my dogs name, Lady, a clawing sound came from outside my closed bedroom door. I checked, thinking that it was one of the other dogs; we have six. There was nothing there. I checked the dogs in my room to make sure that one of them hadn’t snuck in.

I lay back on my bed and started to doze, when it sounded again. I picked up the lamp I had on my nightstand. I snuck along the wall to the door and opened it. I swung the lamp at thin air. I thought I was just hallucinating from being tired. I lay back in bed and something was scratching on my window.

Before I tore away the curtains, I checked in a small tear in the curtains and saw a massive, bluish white dog. About the size of a small horse. It noticed me and bared its teeth and I saw that it seemed to dissappear in the wind. Startled, I lay back in the bed. Then, the massive dog had started scratching from on the door again.

This was too much. I walked to the door, and when I opened the door I saw the dog. Just sitting there. I looked at the dog and the dog looked at me. This went on for maybe 20 minutes. I reached out to touch the dog and noticed, that it was missing its left eye, front left paw, and half of the tail. I asked the dog if it was OK, and it had started to growl again. I started to back away, but the dog advanced on me and it dissapeared.

This was an extremely scary experience. I’m still trying to figure out what it was.

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 5:40 PM
Name: David Jones
Location: Wright City Missouri

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