Subject: short story ??
Date: Sunday, October 26, 2003 1:54 PM

First off, i would like to thank you for creating such a nice site. The following story has never been published for profit or free. All names except mine have been changed

My friend Rae and I were spending a night at our friend Nina’s house the summer of 2003. I must say what we experienced that night was our fault as we were looking for trouble through a ouija board. We were in her small living room sitting on the floor at about 1 am playing the board and speaking with someone who claimed to be “Matt” a 14 year old boy. We were doing regular stupid ouija questions when all of a sudden the planchette stopped moving. A few seconds later, we heard 13 loud dings. They were clearly coming from an old wall hung grandfather clock. Only Nina was truly scared. We asked why and she gave us our answer. That very clock had not worked for over 5 years.

We were pretty wierded out but were stupid enough to continue communication with “Matt”. We asked if he made the clock ding and he replied yes. He explained that he liked scaring us. Then we all saw something on her stairs. A random assortment of white lights in small bars. We were extremely scared at this point. When we finally got the nerve up to go to the area where the light was still perched, we all felt that the area was warmer than the room. At about this time, Nina’s father came down the stairs. His first question was “How the hell did you girls get that clock to work?”

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