Subject: Read please.
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 2:26 PM

On December 1, 2002 my Grandma past from an illness called dementia. About two months before she died we had a very spiritual Father come in and try to heal her with the power of a holy touch. She became well and we actually thought God had healed her. Around Thanksgiving time she became ill and we had to place her in an elderly hospital. There is where she passed. I was the only person in the family not to see her alive the day she died. My parents took my brother and sister to visit her in the morning, and my uncle and my cousins happened to see her too. It’s around noon when the rest of my family gets home and no longer than two minutes that my parents got home, my aunt comes and tells us that my Grandma has passed. I felt like shit because I didn’t get to see her. I went to the hospital this time and saw my grandma dead. I was so sad I had to take a long walk to my girlfriend’s house. On my way over there I felt like if someone was following me. I look to my left and it was then that I saw my Grandma walking right next to me kind of in a floating motion. As I tried to touch her cheek in amazement the vision of her went away.

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