I don’t know if this is where we are supposed to send our story but it is the only place that would let me try. Sorry if it is the wrong place.

I grew up with a father that is, I thought, not very religious. My mother, on the other hand, was raised by a Catholic father but never baptized as anything. She believes in God with every inch of her being, as do I. My parents got divorced about seven years ago but have recently been talking as a couple again. My father can come off as a very cruel, inhumane person but I think it is just him trying to be macho since he was raised to be a
hardass. My father never cries and he has to yell and cuss at every little thing to let you know that he is a “man.”

About five years ago, my grandma died, my dad’s mom, and about one year ago my great uncle, my dad’s uncle and my grandma’s baby brother, also died. My little sister, big sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, mom, and I were visiting my dad, who happens to live at my
grandma’s old house. This is where I start to feel like a dumbass. Keep in mind that I said my father has never been religious. I have never heard him talk about God, he never went to church with us that I can remember, and he just never seemed to me that he believed in the Lord.

Well, on the day that we were visiting my dad and some of the family was there, I was sitting on a bed that is in the living room and my dad was sitting in a chair that my grandma used to sit in. My dad has two dogs, a half pickapoo/half bichon frise, and a huge rottweiler. They were both sitting in front of the kitchen, which was right in front of my dad. Now, I forgot to mention that the last part of my great uncle’s life he lived in my grandma’s house with my dad so my dad could help to take care of him since he was ill. Okay, both of the dogs were laying down asleep pretty much, when all of a sudden they both looked up at the doorway to the kitchen and they stayed just like that. I don’t remember if the little one muffled or made a little sound or not but some kind of noise came from somewhere.

That’s when my dad said, in the middle of all the family talking about random stuff, “Well, Mama or Uncle Herb must be here.” Without thinking, like an idiot, I looked at my dad and said, “Dad they’re dead.” Everyone just looked at me for a second and then looked
away. My mom looked at me and just kind of made a face like “be quiet”. It was then that I realized that my dad did believe and he thought they were there for some reason or another.

Now I am telling you this because I believe in some sort of little way that there is someone there. I had personally never had anything happen but about two nights ago my new boyfriend was over there in my room with me, which is actually where my Great Uncle slept(in the exact same bed and everything) when all of a sudden a bottle on my dresser just fell over. There was nothing shaking or anything like that. We were getting pretty serious and I was wondering if maybe that made someone or something mad and that was their way of telling me to stop. My boyfriend didn’t notice anything because I didn’t tell him anything. I hate to be alone in that house. But anyway that is my story, thanks for your

Stefi Gayle

From: “Stephanie Gilbert” sgilbert@swri.edu
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Date: Thursday, April 13, 2006 4:38 PM

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