This is really the first time. I have dared divulge this paranormal occurrence that happened in February of 2006. There was a group of 33 of us trying to sort out some of our own personal issues that could have been stopping us from our own personal achievements.

We all were sitting in a giant circle and in the middle of the circle was a single chair where we would take turns presenting the group with some issues we wanted to resolve. Then individuals in the circle would begin asking the person in the middle some specific questions related to the issues presented to the group. Obviously several people had some serious child issues ranging from physical abuse to sexual abuse; but the one thing I really wanted to make mention was of this one woman who sat in the middle chair.

She told us of how she wanted to stop feeling alone. With a few probing questions from the circle, she told us of how her husband had died as a firefighter, running into a blazing house seeking to save someone. Just after she told us that, a few people piped up how he had died doing what he was trained to do. Then something profound started to occur, one man in the group who was a retired submarine veteran.

In tears our submarine veteran told her of how in the military, and in service related fields, like a firefighter, you are trained, trained and trained some more to do your duty without thought for your own life. He told her that her husband had merely done what he had been trained to do throughout his career. Everyone was in tears, and that could have been a decent stopping point but something more happened.

Another man in the group stood up and started to approach this woman. In a somewhat distant but pleading voice he said, “When will you let me go? I want so badly to care for you, but I cannot, until you release all this pain. It hurts me intensely because I don’t want you to hurt anymore. Please let me go.”

She stood up, hugged him and they both were trembling and crying, she started talking to him as if he were her husband, and he replied specific things that only she would have known about the relationship. In a massive outpouring of tears, both this man and woman, confessed there extreme love for each other. Everyone in the room vocally concluded that her husband had been in the room, except me. The man that played as her surrogate husband afterwards said that his skin felt as if it were blistering and was feeling an intense heat radiating off his body exiting through his chest and neck regions. I merely kept my mouth shut. I was scared to talk about what I had seen while all of this was taking place.

When the man started talking in behalf of the dead, I saw a silhouette of a man roughly 5 foot 10 inches, maybe 6 feet; he radiated a pinkish-orange hue about 4 feet around the silhouette, in every direction. His arm was outstretched and was touching his host (the man playing the voice) near the location where the chest and neck conjoin. There was no question in my mind that her deceased husband had physically—as physically as a ghost can be—been there with us that day. I just kept this silently to myself.

I suppose the thing that scared me about this vision, is that it is not the first time I have had peculiar visitations, and sharing them in the past has gotten me into trouble and some sort of scorn. I guess… I have always felt we are far closer to the spiritual realm than we have been conditioned to believe.

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