Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 20:59:55 EDT
Subject: The Pink Lady
Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Hi. My name is Beth. My story might not be very scary, but it is true. All of it. That’s what makes it scary.

I was staying overnight in the Grove park Inn in Asheville, with my volleyball team. We had championships, and we needed a good night’s sleep. I had room 453, and I decided to turn in early. My roommate decided to stay out and party a little. I took the elevator up to my floor. It was around 9:30. The elevator opens to a hall, which opens up to a square room, with a big square cut out from the middle, to show the next floors down. The doors are all placed around the square.

I got my key out, and I wasn’t really paying attention when I saw her. She stood right next to the balcony of the middle square. She was wearing an old pink dress that went past her ankles, and she had blonde hair. She was tall and was very pretty from where I stood, but I couldn’t really see her face. She was just staring down. I called out to her if she was okay when I noticed I could see right through her!! I gasped and took a step back, but she didn’t notice. She just leaned far far over, and right as she was about to fall she disappeared. I, of course, ran to where she was and felt a slight chill run down my back.

Scared clueless, I ran to my room and locked the door behind me. I didn’t sleep very well that night. I thought maybe some soft music would calm me down. I turned on my radio and I turned it down really low. Then I went back to my bed and pulled the covers up. My roommate was still out partying, and my incident wasn’t far from my mind, when the music suddenly changed channels. It turned to some old 50’s music, and got loud. Really loud. The volume was turned all the way up, but no one else was in the room but me. I screamed out “Stop it!” and the music suddenly went back to the same station and low volume. I started crying, when my roommate came in. She didn’t believe me. No one did. But I didn’t expect them to.

That’s my story. I swear on my life its true.

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