Note: For more information about this and other ghost lights, check out my book The True Ghost Stories Archive: Spooklights, available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Below is a condensed version of the chapter in the book.

Location: Railroad tracks outside Gurdon, Arkansas

Appearance: White, blue, orange/yellow, or green light that bobs back and forth in the air. May move along the tracks for some distance before it disappears.


  1. The light is said to be that of a railroad worker who was decapitated in an accident.

Other explanations: Perhaps car headlights or piezoelectric activity from large quartz deposits under the site.

Additional notes: Unlike other ghost light locations, this one has an actual crime associated with it. In 1931, a railroad worker named Louis McBride was fired and murdered his foreman as revenge. This is verifiable in court records and newspapers from the time. McBride was executed in 1932 for his crime. The Gurdon Light was featured on a Season 7 (1994) episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Reader Comments:

“We had been seeing slight flickers of red, green, and yellow so we knew that the light was out. We stopped after the seventh trestle and just watched. the light was very active sometimes appearing high off the tracks and others very low to the ground, but without much time in between flashes. The lights we very bright and clear to see without any problems. The thing that actually made me get chills is the fact that the light seemed to be communicating with us. My friend flashed his flash light toward the light, and seconds later the light flashed at us.” – Brittany, July 2004

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