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Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Appearance: A green shaft of light that flashed on and off and sometimes changed shape into an orb that hovered over the road or in nearby trees. Occasionally the light was reported as red.


  1. The light was said to be the spirit of a woman whose child had been killed in an accident on the road.
  2. The light was the ghost of an escaped murdered slave.
  3. The light was the ghost of a young person shot by a caretaker or landowner.

Other explanations: None.

Additional notes: Around 1998, the road was paved over, and shortly after a housing development was built on the site. This seems to have ended all activity.

Reader Comments:

“My friend tells me that the light was growing larger and larger and when it reached the road, it hovered for a few seconds; then proceeded to “drop” straight down and splatter on the road, resembling the same effect as a drop of water falling into a puddle. This was all scary enough until the light came back up to the surface of the road closer to the truck and started rolling towards them. My friend convinced the driver to get a move on, and the ball of green light rolled off into the woods.” – Thomas, February 1999

“In addition to the green lights, we also saw the swirling red lights and the ghosts in the trees.” – Valerie, August 1999

“A friend, my girlfriend, and I were sitting in the car right pass the field by the creek in the wooded part of the road facing Rt. 413. We were there about a half hour when all of a sudden there was this beam of green light standing about 50 feet to the front/left of the car. It looked like a cars headlight bouncing off a puddle, but there was no car or puddle. The green light took the form of a 6 foot tall cylinder. Then proceeded to move onto the road were it started to move away from us at a walking pace.” – John, August 1999

“As the two were waiting for something to happen, Sue spotted a green light “slithering” through the woods towards the front of the car. When the light had reached the road, Sue and her friend confirmed with each other what they were seeing; and as they were confirming seeing the light slither to the road, the light suddenly”stood up” and made a sizable presence before them. She said it was about the size of a man, but had no features of a human.” – Joshua, February 2000

“Interestingly enough; the area which was pointed out to me to be the correct area to sit and watch for the green spectre; a house now sits right on top of that area, and a footpath has been added all along side of the road. From what I’ve heard goes on there, I won’t be surprised if the haunting of Hansel rd. becomes the Haunted House of Hansel Rd.” – Joshua, February 2000

“The reason why nothing happens anymore is someone at some point in time put up a series of mirrors, like the circular ones people use to back outta drive ways. Well they were all tinted green and placed thru out the woods with one of them pointing at Rte 413 when ever a car would pass the lights would run off the mirrors and thus give the illusion of a ghost. When the new homes were built the mirrors where discovered by the construction crews.” – Michael, April 2002

“As for the writer who says it was mirrors on the road…I used to ride my bike on that road when I was just a little kid and there were maybe 3 houses back there. Where we would set up to watch the ghost was no where near any of the houses. This theory was floated back in 1992 and we tried to find mirrors and never saw any. And why would someone even need a mirror when pulling out into a dirt road which was never traveled on. The physics of that excuse just don’t add up.” – Christian, October 2003

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