Hi, this story happened to me about three years ago while I was visiting my great grandmother with my family. My great grandmother lives in a really small old-fashioned town, about two hours north of New York City. I was visiting with my mom, my brother, and my aunt and her son. Everyone was getting along, until my mom started to bug me, so I ran out of the house like I always do when we are arguing.

I planned to stay out for a couple of hours like I always do to make her think I’m hurt or something, but like I said it’s a very small town and not really any place to go, so I just started walking around the church across from my great grandmother’s house until I saw a skunk. Then I decided it was time to find a new hiding spot, so I went through a field behind the church that had some woods on the side of it, so if my mom was outside looking for me I couldnt be seen.

After I got out of the woods I could either go back up the small hill to the house or walk on the back road behind the house. I chose the latter. The back road is pretty scary to begin with because there is absolutely no light, and it’s got some spooky-looking houses on it. I was taking my time walking down it, though, since I wasnt in a rush. I kept looking behind me just in case I saw another skunk but I didnt see anything.

Then when I looked back again for like the 100th time I saw a man. He was dressed in a brown suit and was walking slowly behind me. It frightened me because he had just kind of popped up, and I was hoping he didn’t attack me or anything. The guy was getting really close, so I moved to the side right as he got near me and he walked right by me. I had kept my head down so I didn’t get a good look at him.

I started walking again, and I decided that since the man didn’t do anything to me while he walked by he was harmless and that I should probably ask if I could walk him to where he was going so I could waste more time scaring my mom. I ran to catch up to him, and I said hello, but he didn’t say anything. I thought ok, he just can’t hear, so I said it louder and still nothing. I decided to tap his arm to get his attention, but he still just kept walking.

That’s when I realized how tall the guy was. I’m 5’8 and I came about to his elbow. Anyway, I thought it was rude of him to ignore me, so I grabbed his arm and he stopped, and I started to ask him why he was ignoring me, but I stopped when I looked up at his face. At first I thought I might be seeing things, but I knew I wasn’t–this guy had no head. I freaked out and ran all the way I had came.

I didnt bother to look and see if he followed me, but apparently he didn’t because I made it into the house. I must have had a priceless look on my face when I came in because my mom didn’t say anything when I came in. I never told anyone that night what happened. Now when I go visit my great grandmother I make sure I am inside before dark time and when my aunt drives down the road when I’m in the car with her I start to hyperventilate.

I never looked to see if an accident happened on that road but I’m sure something did. After the incident happened I’ve heard about other spooky things that have happened in the town.

From: Kittenheat8769@aol.com
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: The dark back road
Date: Sunday, April 16, 2006 4:54 PM

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