My family and I have just purchased this home in New Hampshire. We’ve lived in this town for 12 years. I have five children ages 8-19. The house is a 40 year old A-Frame, with a large contemporary addition. The house has been separated into two apartments; the A-frame has been rented to a single man who has been here for six years. The contemporary was randomly rented out to a few people short term here and there. One particularly strange man lived here with no heat or food and was taken from here by his family and admitted into an institution for unknown reasons.

We are in the process of renovating as well as living in the contemporary side. About a month ago the tenant of six years, also a friend and was before we purchased the home, told us a story about the house and a foul smell he couldn’t get rid of. He thought he missed a mouse trap or something. He searched and cleaned but couldn’t get rid of the smell.

He decided to go to the other side of the apartment to see if the smell was from there, where the basement was piled high with trash bags. He ordered a dumpster and began to clean it out, and in one of the bags he found a human hand. The authorities were not contacted at that time for fear of total invasion. After my husband and I heard the story, we were floored and called the police. We are awaiting the special task force to investigate.

In the mean time, I as well as my oldest daughter have been experiencing strange feelings in the basement. I was doing laundry in the basement and felt as if there was someone right behind me. I told whatever spirit to leave me alone and continued, then left and will not go down there alone. Even before I was told the story of the findings, I always felt a very angry male was in the right corner of the basement. At this time we do not know the gender of the hand.

My daughter and I were watching TV (this faces the kitchen, open to the living room separated by a
breakfast bar) this past Saturday night. My 19 year old son was typing on the computer with his back to the kitchen. My daughter and I heard a slap or snap and this drew our attention to the kitchen and we saw a blue ball of light the size of a softball. It looked electric, with veins of what I can only describe as lightning. It was there for a second floating, then blew up and was gone.

My daughter and I yelled “did you just see that,” jumped up and ran to the kitchen. We checked the appliances, but can’t figure out to this moment what we saw. I’m uncomfortable in my home Monday-Friday when everyone leaves to go to school and work. I need some answers, maybe a way to let this
spirit/whatever move on. I don’t want to spend everyday in fear. Any suggestions?


Michelle Asaff

From: K10STRN@aol.com
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: Blue electric ball is it a ghost?
Date: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:22 PM

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