Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 17:53:21 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Tammy C.

Hello again, I did not name my last story, but I am sure it may be named Voo Doo Lady, if not, its okay. I will be sure to name this one. My last story was about my grandparents building a house on land once inhabited by a practioner of voo-doo.

I will call this one : Poltergeist (original huh?)
Anyway, this is a true story also. Ghostly phenomenon has followed me all my life, starting in Louisiana, and has not stopped. This happened when I moved in with my room-mate, Rebecca(the likelihood of her finding this site,reading her name, and getting upset is highly doubtful),so here goes.Rebecca and I lived in Huntington Beach California. She was having problems with her faith, and said a number of disparaging things about christianity while I lived with her. I think this was the cause of all the “activity”. At that time I was having a serious “fall-out” in my faith too, and I am sure it did not help matters any. Here are all the things that happened. Not many happenings, but enough to make us move!!!

  1. One day I was upstairs, getting dress to go to the mall, when Rebecca, started screaming my name from downstairs in the kitchen, I ran to the bottom of the stairs, just to see Rebecca, heading out the door, BUG EYED, and looking really frightened. I asked her what was going on, and she said that she heard me SCREAM upstairs! I NEVER SCREAMED. She said she was certain it was me, and thought someone had may be attacked me up there. I assured her I did not scream, and no one was in the house. The odd thing is , if ANYONE had screamed at all, I would have heard it too. She was so scared. I tried to calm her down, by suggesting may be the scream came from outside (many children playing outside). She swore it came from upstairs, and she swore it was me screaming. That was the beginning of it all!
  2. Rebecca’s friend Michelle (We called her Buggy), came to live with us. Rebecca and I both worked, Buggy didn’t (long story). One night when Rebecca and I came home, Rebecca said that Buggy was frightened out her mind. Apparently, Buggy was sitting in the living room and the stereo came on all by itself, FULL BLAST. She ran and turned it off. Thinking it was a power surge, she looked behind the stereo to unplug it, and found it was already UNPLUGGED!
  3. One night, Buggy and Rebecca went to the movies (I was being the usual anti-social). I was sitting on the couch waiting for my washload to finish in the laundry room. I was feeling SOOO uneasy and very frightened to be home alone. I looked out the window, and a very thick fog was rolling in (very normal for being near the beach). But it was an eerie looking fog, very spooky. Suddenly, the VCR came on and starting rewinding by itself !!!!! No one had been using it that day, there was NO remote control for it. The TV was not on, and you guessed it, when I went to stop it, IT WAS UNPLUGGED ,from the TV as well as from the wall socket!

It may not seem very frightening here, but to three girls in their early 20s that was a nightmare! Needless to say, WE WERE OUT OF THERE WITHIN 30 DAYS ! I did not want to stick around for things to get worst !

Thanks for listening.

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