Subject: Inola ghost light.
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2003 5:48 PM

There is a graveyard in Inola,Oklahoma that is said to have had an evil man that was buried there in the 1920s and it is said that the night that he was buried lightning struck his grave and he supposedly came back to haunt the cemetery at night. I have been to this cemetary during the day and at night and I have experienced unusual activity both in the day and at night,(i have taken several photos and they came back with unusual phonamemon in them), I have seen this light “walk” across the ground and it gives you this very uneasy feeling, it makes you feel like your angry and it makes you kinda look at things different. On some nights the “light” comes up from the ground and hovers, it gives off a blue tint. This cemetery is no longer in use and it is hard to travel to and I also had permission to be on the land.

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