Please can I remain Anonymous.

I’ve always been a tad sceptical when it comes to ghosts/spirits etc, being one of those people who has to see to believe. But I was forced to open my mind after a conversation with my nephew who was two and half years old at the time. We were playing in the garden early one evening when he stopped and looking very angry said ‘tell her to stop looking at me.’ I knew we were alone in the garden and even the house so a bit confused I scanned the windows of the surrounding houses to see if anyone was looking out at us, but there was no one there. So I asked him who was looking at him and he said a little girl, that she kept staring at him and he didn’t like it! Still unable to see anyone at all I asked him where he could see her. He pointed to the fence. There was no one our side of the fence so I went over to look through a gap to see if there was a girl playing next door but as our home is detached they have their own fence. There was just a small gap between our fence and theirs.

Very strange! With him not being of an age to do something like that as a joke or for attention and the fact when my brother and I questioned him further about it he quickly got annoyed because he didn’t like it, she was scary! I had to open my mind to the fact maybe he’d seen something! All we did find out from him was that she was looking for her parents but that he didn’t know where they were. That made him sad.

Out of interest I looked into our house history. I knew there wasn’t much as the whole close had only been there little over five years. The family before us who moved in when it was a new build had no events to speak of but prior to our home being built the site had been a hospital.


From: Anonymous
Subject: Anonymous story
Date: Monday, October 31, 2005 11:50 AM

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