Hi! I would really like to submit a story to your website. Here it is, so see if you like it.

My family and I moved to the country (I live in Ireland) and it’s quite a narrow road and on the sites that had no houses there was masses of trees. Some were cut down so the fields look really creepy.

Anyway, I was alone at the house. My parents were at work, my brother at my grandparents’ house, and I was going for my walk down the road beside the creepy trees. I had got down no bother but walking back up was a problem. I had started to walk up when I looked ahead. I was on the phone to my mother when my mother stopped talking and above me was what looked like two small figures near my house. I started to really freak and then I realised it could be my next door neighbour and her cousin so I began to walk up and called their names, but nobody said anything. Then it seemed that they were going into the field through a wall.

I faced my fears after a while after convincing my self that I must have imagined them going into the field. I got to my house safe and sound anyway and then I went bowling with my next door neighbours. I turned to them in the back seat and told them that they didn’t freak me out. They looked pretty scared when I said this and Collette (their mother) said she saw me going for a walk and that the two girls weren’t up until 12.30. I went for my walk at 10.15.

Another unrelated incident was when my family and I were going on holiday to Kerry and I was putting my bag in the boot, when I heard a lad saying something like “Hey, back here, hello. Would you come here, look back at me.” It was coming from the field beside my house and I turned around expecting to see a lad there but there was nobody there.

Then we came back and I was the only person at the house. Say a week later, I was on the phone to my cousin when I saw two lads one about 14, and his brother about seven, come from the fields at the back of my house. I thought this was weird and told my cousin, and then I saw the 14 year old coming up the driveway. I went to the door and he asked to use my phone as his brother had cut his head. He made three calls after I had told Jenn that I would ring her back. Then they went back up the field and there was no road at the back and it seemed that they vanished. I was freaked out!

Thanks for reading. By the way, these two incidents happened only since four months, starting with the lad shouting at me. And no way was the lad that came to my door the same voice because the 2 lads had Dublin accents but the other guy had a Galway accent.

you can contact me at sophiemcdermott@eircom.net

From: sophiemcdermott@eircom.net
Cc: Obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: Haunted fields
Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 3:22 PM

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