From: “Kat”
Subject: My Little Experiences
Date: Monday, April 10, 2006 12:14 PM

Let me start by saying that ghosts have been interesting to me for as long
as I heard about real ghosts, not the ones that are wrapped up in white
cloth, etc. I was wishing to have some experiences of my own. Maybe I sort of regret that now.

It all started off when I finally got the privilege to be able to make
myself snacks in the middle of the night, “as you are quite grown up now”
I recall my parents saying. On the second night of my privilege, I
happened to be eating some maccaroni and cheese, one of my favorites. As
I usually sit at the table on the side that faces the back door, I could
see a bit of the porch. Suddenly a shadow appeared and bent down. I felt
a chill down my spine and I ran to the door and opened it. Nothing was

Some time passed, and anytime when I was alone at night in the kitchen the
shadow appeared. Anytime this happened I just simply made a dash to my
room. However, it wasn’t just that. I had recieved a rabbit for my
birthday, and I fed it in the morning and the night. The morning was fine,
but the night would spook me out. I’m not afraid of the dark, but
something about the backyard felt wrong–very sincere and I could almost
feel the aura of something present. My dashes still continue, and when I
try to face it, my legs don’t seem to listen and I just flee.

But the most recent and unexplainable happened to me after Russian
lessons. I walked out from the door and headed to the car where my mother
was waiting. Suddenly some sort of white thing the size of a basketball
flew passed me and zig-zagged around me and my mom. I asked her what it
was, but as a reply she only said ‘What?’ I was shocked she didn’t see it.
Although I was just painfully glad that somehow I wasn’t scared – I felt

Those are my experiences, and although small, I found them very
interesting and I have definately learned a lot.

By Kat

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