Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 15:51:21 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Story Submission

When I was little girl, my family moved into an old house in the woods that my grandparents were moving out of. I guess a few years went by and I heard my mom telling my dad and brothers (my brothers are older than me) about some couple that had lived in the house years before.

The story went that the man was cheating on his wife. The wife of course did not like this one bit and decided one day to stop it once and for all. She told her husband that she was going out for a while and left and waited outside somewhere. Not long after, her husband’s lover showed up. She waited a bit and then walked straight into the house and into the bedroom they were in and shot them to death.

I was not there so I am not 100% that this is all true or even IF the story is true.

My dad had some thing about building everywhere in the house. When we moved in the house, there was no door that separated the living room from the hall that led to the bedrooms. My dad put one in about 5 years after we moved in. Sometimes my mom and dad would both be gone and I would just be there with one of my brothers and he would be outside or in his room and I would be in the living room watching TV. This never happened when my parents were home, but the door that was put in would just fly open and then close back sometimes softly and sometimes pretty hard. I would just laugh a little nervous laugh under my breath and tell myself that it was an old house and it was drafty. But then I would try to remember what windows were open and remember none were open because I didn’t like having the windows open without my parents being there with us.
It would really freak me out sometimes.

My bedroom was the room that the murders took place in. I would wake up some nights scared stiff and looking around the room with big eyes not knowing why. And I would say “Hello? If there is something there, move my curtains.” I guess I always felt like it was an angel or a spirit. Nothing ever happened, but I always felt a heaviness and surges of emotions in that room. I was very glad to leave that house and I stay away from it now as much as I can.

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