Note: For more information about this and other ghost lights, check out my book The True Ghost Stories Archive: Spooklights, available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Below is a condensed version of the chapter in the book.

Location: Marfa, Texas

Appearance: White, yellow, or sometimes other colors. The lights race in straight lines through the air, sometimes swooping and blinking. Some report the lights dance near the top of the mesas and may split and rejoin as they move.


  1. The lights are phantom Indian chiefs or stars falling from the sky.
  2. The lights are the wandering spirits of a family who got lost in the wilderness.
  3. The lights are the ghosts of Pancho Villa and his roving band.
  4. The light is the ghost of Adolf Hitler. Everyone knows he loved Texas!

Other explanations: Very likely car headlights from a nearby highway. Other highly questionable attempts at explanations: tectonic lights, bioluminescent jackrabbits, moonlight shining off mica deposits, nuclear test residue, remnant pterodactyls.

Additional notes: The Marfa Lights have a visitor center and a dedicated turnoff from which to view the lights. They appeared in season two of Unsolved Mysteries. Several university-based groups have determined the lights to originate from car headlights or campfires.

Reader Comments:

“My wife, son and I went to Marfa Texas in late July 2003. Just before darkness settled a white light appeared across the plains at the top of the mountain. It stayed there a few seconds and then went straight into the clear sky. I watched a green light through binoculars split into 6 lights and chase each other. I gave them to my son and he counted seven lights. We were there for about 2 hours and the moving and different color lights were active and pleasant to watch.” – Barry, July 2003

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