The story I an about to write happened to my aunt, and I know her to be a very honest and respectful person so I know that what she said happened to her is true.

My aunt has had experiences of an unexplained nature ever since she was young. When she was young she read the first page of the black bible, and she says that ever since that moment she has experienced unexplained events through out her life.

One of those events happened to her some 10 years ago when she lived in Mexico City with my uncle. My uncle worked as a security guard in an abandoned factory, I’m not sure what kind of factory, but I do know that it was abandoned at the time. He guarded the factory in the day, and slept in a storage room of some kind with the rest of the security guards at night. At that time was when the strange things began to happen. Some of the things that would happen is that the lights would come on and off, and strange sounds could be heard, like if someone was banging on the walls. According to my aunt she did not believe him, so he asked her to spend the night there with him so he could have some company. She did go to spend the night, and took their two kids. The night that she spent there was the worst night that she has ever experienced in her life, or so she says. She said that when you stepped foot in there you could feel the atmosphere change to a malevolent one. They went to sleep at about 9pm and nothing really happened. She managed to fall asleep, but then when it was about midnight, the really creepy things happened. She says that what happened first is that the lights started to turn on and off, then she could hear banging that started from the outside of the factory. She could no longer sleep, and she only hoped that her two sons, who were between the ages of 4 and 7, would not wake up. She thought that that was it, then it started to get really bad. Now she could also hear whistling that started from the outside, and came inside really loud. At the same time the banging that was on the outside sounded like the were inside, and the lights started to turn on and off more frequently. After a while it stopped. At this time my aunt was praying that they would be ok, and that her kids would not wake. By this time all the adults were awake , who were a few other security guards, and their wives. A few minutes later the banging, the lights, and the whistling started again, but now the banging got stronger and faster, and my aunt could feel the vibration on the walls, and then on the ceiling, and even on the light bulb, and it made the light bulb swing by the thread that it was hanging from. By this time my aunt was very scared that the light would go off, but was too scared to leave and wake up her kids in the middle of all that raucous. At the same time my uncle felt something hot in his face and punched the air, but nothing was there. Finally it stopped at around 5am.

The history of that factory is unknown, but it was said by the security guards that some workers died there a long time ago, and that ever since the strange things started to happen. Nonetheless not very many guards lasted long on that job. Soon after the night that my aunt spent there, my uncle quit his job.

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