Subject: Minmin Lights
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:12:20 +1000

G’day. I’m from australia. I am interested in lights here in my home state Queensland. They are called min min lights here. I have been searching for in fromation on these lights with very little success. I have a story about a min min light I saw 1 1/2 years ago in my home town of Miles ( Western Queensland). I am an r.a.c.q contractor. I have to retrieve broken down vehicles or fix them on the side of the road. It was a Tuesday night about 9pm, I had to retrieve a 4wd with broken fanbelts. It was approx 10 kilometers west of Miles. I had to make a trip back to town to grab some correct size belts for the vehicle. On the way back out of town to the broken down vehicle ( I was approx 1 km from town heading west) I noticed a light behind me in my rear view mirror, approx 1 km behind me. The light stayed the same distance for about 7 km to the top of this hill. Before I went down the slope the light was still about 1km away. ( I thought it was a motorcycle). When I got to the bottom of the slope ( approx 1km down the track), I noticed the light was right behind me. Nothing on the road could travel that fast. I was very suprised, the light now traveling 10 metres behind me. This went on for 2 more kms until I pulled off to the side of the road to the broken down vehicle. I pulled in front of the vehicle and got out of my vehicle and saw that the light had stopped 20 metres back on the side of the road. I thought it was still a motorcycle until I looked properly to see it was too big of a light for a bike and also there was nobody behind it. The light illuminated all the surrounding trees. It was approximately 1 foot in diameter. The people with the broken down vehicle were not able to directly see the light because of my vehicle parked in front. I asked them to come around to the other side and take a look at the “min min light” they said, “It’s a car coming.” I asked them again to come around, so they came around the other side and looked; they were shocked and scared. They said, “What is it?” I told them it was a “min min light,” as I have seen them before but never this close. It was a husband and wife with the broken down vehicle and they had never heard of these lights before. They were completely freaked out. After they came around the other side of the vehicle the light slowly sank down onto the road. It hovered there for about 10-15 seconds then came back up to the same height of about 3-4 feet in the air. I was completely awe struck by the incident. It was such a fascinating phenomenon to have been able to see. The light hovered for about another 20 seconds then shot back down the road where it came from, lighting the sides of the road as it went. It left with incredible speed. I cant explain what the light was!! It couldn’t have been anything man made ( that we already know about)–I would say it travelled at approximately 500 km per hr. It was extremely quick. The colour of the light was a pale yellow and extremely bright. When the light was sitting there at the side of the road it looked as though it was checking us out. It was very strange that it would follow me for 10 km then stop 20 metres away and sit for a minute, then take off the direction it came. I am greatful for being one of few to have seen this strange light and to be so close and still not be able to identify it as anything but a ball of “light”. Thank you for reading this e-mail. I have shared this story with approximately 20 people from my home town and all have been amazed. I do not take drugs and had not been drinking at the time. What I saw is as true as I have just explained. Some explanation for this strange light some day would be a great discovery. Thanx again.

Mark McDougall,
Miles, Qld, Australia

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