Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 00:09:26 -0800 (PST)

I’d like to tell you a couple of incidents that happened to me and visits from my mom, who passed away five years ago.

She was a great mom and we were very close when she died suddenly of cancer. She was always sending me things – presents or things she thought I could use. She had quite a sense of humor.

One evening, I sat in the forward part of my L-shaped couch corner. I was sorting baskets of bathroom odds and ends in stack baskets with the baskets on my left being sorted into the baskets on my right. I suddenly experienced this massive jolt when I came across a partially used envelope of foot soak and realized that it was probably the last thing my mother had given me prior to her death! I just sat looking at, then tried to figure out what to do with it. As I considered, I could hear in my mind her saying, “You’re not really going to keep that, are you?” with a big grin on her face. I looked at it, and decided, yes, I sure was, and put it on the coffee table to put in a safe place. I’d gone back to my sorting when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I turned my head and saw the draw cord from the blinds swinging in a wide arch, back and forth, as if someone had thrown it.

Now, even though I was sitting too far away to reach out and touch it, I kept thinking, obviously, I must have done something to have caused it, at which point, I began jumping and bouncing on the couch feeling sillier every moment as it was obvious, nothing I could do could have affected it. In the meantime it kept on swinging vigorously.

I finally said “Mom, if that was you, do it again”. I changed direction then as it slowed its swing and finally stopped.

Was that her, or a psychic burst of energy from me? I wonder

The next incident happened on my husband’s birthday. I was a bit sleep deprived and in the dim front room light, I looked at my husband sitting, reading to the side of me thinking about previous birthdays and mom. I suddenly had this flash of a vision of her standing in front of him, bending over to put her hands on his shoulders and with a smile kissing his cheek and telling him “Happy Birthday, Henry”. I was staring a head at the dark rock wall and saw this as though from the side of my eye.

I wondered if I should mention this flash to my husband, then decided I must be imagining it, when suddenly in mid-thought I could clearly hear my mom insistently say as she interrupted, “Well, tell him!” I realized that by staring straight ahead I could clearly see her to my left! It was as if she were on a large TV screen floating in the air and she was standing in a kitchen with a sink to her right and farther back, a doorway that looked as if it went into a dining room.

As the minutes went by, I saw my two grandmothers come in and join her, as well as my grandfather, all of them standing together smiling at me. I interrupted my husband and told him what I was experiencing. The large screen continued with them all just smiling and listening! The entire event was over in about ten minutes. I’ve never considered myself psychic, but the way she interrupted me in mid-thought definitely wasn’t my imagination! I think being as tired as I was, it made me more receptive.

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