Subject: Reader Submission
Date: Friday, April 05, 2002 5:05 PM
yourname: Juliet Warren

Ghost Of Half-Moon Bay

(This story is true to my knowledge, but the details may be a little fuzzy)

There is a story of a woman who haunts a restaurant called Moss Beach Distillery in Half-Moon Bay, California. It was a bar (hence the name) back in the 1920s, and the lady was a waitress/singer and her boyfriend was the piano player. One day a drifter came in and took a liking to the young woman. The boyfriend noticed the flirting going on and challenged the drifter to a duel. They went out on the beach with their guns raised. Unfortunately the woman ran between them to stop it just as the guns went off and she was killed. Ever since she has haunted the bar-turned-restaurant and became known as the Ghost Of Half-Moon Bay.

There have been many sightings over the years, and the police force, tired of getting so many reports, finally sent two of their men to investigate. They have dinner and drinks their, wait until the restaurant closes, and nothing happens. They dismiss the whole thing as an old wives tale and drive away. As they drive along they pass a girl in a white dress with what appeared to be red blood stains down the front of her dress. They check in the rearview mirror and nobody is there. Feeling a little spooked they drive on and a few minutes later the steering wheel is jerked by itself to the right. The policemens’ car now topples down a hill. Luckily, the policemen are both okay, but as they walk away from the wreck, they see a woman in a white dress standing on the hill. They ran to the nearest building which happened to be a firestation and told their tale.

How do I know this story is true? My father is a fireman who was at the station when the policemen came.


Moss Beach Distillery (2)

Subject: Moss Beach Distillery
Date: Sunday, January 04, 2004 1:30 AM

Hello, my name is Ashley, and I happen to have done quite a bit of research on this particular haunting.

The Blue Lady is believed to be (by many, many of us “sensitives”) Mary Ellen Morley, whose death certificate says that she died November 5, 1919 in a fatal automobile crash, the cause of death a fractured skull. In my introductions with her while she was looking for her child she appeared to have on a bluish white gown and covered with bloodstains down the front. She is actually a quite pleasant woman. There is also another girl, Anna or Hanna, who claims she was a servant in the bordello/hotel “Marine View Hotel” that in the early 1900’s occupied the parking lot of the now Moss Beach Distillery. There is also a very dark man there by the name of Jean or John, a very uncomfortable force who does not like strangers. All of these entities have told me their names at different times I have visited the Distillery, Mary Ellen being very courteous. Just my own validation of the story and what I have sensed there, in case anyone wants to visit and call them by their “names” to try to contact them, or at least know how to handle them when they meet unexpectedly. Anna or Hanna has a white sheath/petiicoat on with seaweed on her, and John or Jean wears a nice tailored suit.

Ashley Henry

Moss Beach Distillery (3)

From: “Chris Garcia” (
Subject: Moss Beach Distillery Story
Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 6:05 PM

Hey, I wanted to drop a line about an experience I had at the Moss Beach DIstillery back in 1998. It was January 2nd (we stayed in the Zaballa House in Half Moon Bay on New Year’s Day) and we went for lunch at the MBD to complete our haunted places holiday. We were about done with lunch and I went to the restroom. it was pretty early so we were one of 4 or so people eating. When I got into the restroom, it was empty. I went to one of the stalls and just as I closed the door the tap on one fo the faucets went on. I heard no footsteps but I wasn’t really too freaked because maybe it was an autofaucet and it went off for some reason.

After I leave the stall, I open the door and as soon as I open the door, the sound of the faucet stops. I’m a little more weirded out now, so I go to wash my hands. Before I do, the water goes back on and I run out of the restroom and rinse my hands in the waterfountain in the hallway.


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