I live in Western Australia’s southwest and this happened to myself and my friend only five or six months ago. He and I were sitting in his car at a large bay that leads out into the ocean watching the sunset and talking of general interests. At this time I had been with him almost a year and knew of his previous experiences and also his father’s side of the family were extremely prone to it as well. The time as I recall was 6:20 PM and it was very blustery and cold so we had the heaters on whilst we sat.

At this part of the story, I must tell you that his father’s sister has three grown up children in their 20s and 30s. Two of them have had EXTREMELY strong experiences with ghosts and spirits, call it what you will. The female cousin has had her young toddler strangled by malevolent spirits to the point of bruising and after she rid the house of them her daughter would play with imaginary friends who would move things and play all sorts of games.

The other cousin has had and seen things paranormal but he is the key to this story. He was rather interested in motorbikes and took long rides with friends quite often. Now on the same day that we were parked at the beach he had been riding all day with a mate of his who I never met and neither did my boyfriend. They had been riding all day and around ten to six he was on his way home as he had a long trip south on his motor bike.

Now at this time or thereabouts my boyfriend and I arrived at the beach and he had a very strong urge to check his brakes and brake fluid and he kept insisting that even in the falling night and weather I help him check and double check them. I couldn’t understand his actions and became annoyed and sat in the car and left him to do it alone. He got back in the car and was still agitated but even he wasn’t sure why.

The car was facing southwards and we were watching the sunset or what was left of it and at the clock I looked it said 6:34 PM. As I said, it was cold and we had the heaters on, but all of a sudden they cut out and it became colder and colder. I could feel the temperature dropping around me and in our confused silence the right hand side of the boot felt as though it had been pushed down as far as it would go and rose again to not move anymore as a car with good suspension should do.

I looked at my boyfriend and I asked him what in god’s name was hapening, and looking past me through my window he looked bewildered and said to me that we weren’t safe here and we needed to leave. We parked in a carpark in town and he told me that he didnt want to frighten me but he had seen a very tall man in biking leathers run past my window seconds after the bump and stare in the car at us as he was heading south.

Now the next day I went to school where my boyfriend’s mother works and she pulled me aside to tell me that she had to go to another funeral soon and could I babysit the younger kids. That was fine, and she then told me that after her nephew and his mate had been riding all day the friend went home south bound and at 6:35 his brakes had failed and he had crashed into the right hand side of a commodore’s boot on the highway and died instantly.

Now when we had gone home that evening we hadn’t breathed a word of this to anybody for fear of being laughed at, but I told his mother what had happened and she went a bit quiet and told me that the cousin whose toddler plays with ghosts has another sister whose best friends husband died, and although she had never met him she experienced his death.

So I dont know if anyone has ever had these experiences where other people you don’t know have come to you but sure as I am alive to day, it did happen and I don’t for a minute doubt that it is true either.

thanks for listening, oz

From: “Pauline” paulikelso@optusnet.com.au
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:26 PM

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