I have an on/off again boyfriend that has a motorcycle. He only learned how to drive a motorcycle about 6 months ago. His bike is brand new, and so is he when it comes to bikes. 3 days ago I was planning a trip to a lake with a guy I have been dating for 2 weeks and I have known for 1 month only. I know none of his friends except for the 2 that I have met, named Ryan and Cody. On our way to the lake we were halted by traffic on a small highway. We could see cop cars and a helicopter that we later found out was an Airlife copter.

We were inching our way past the, we later found out, accident which happened to be an accident involving a motorcycle and a car. As we were passing by really slow my new boy friend grabbed his cell to call someone and said, “Oh crap that looks like my buddy Trey’s bike.” What is weird is that my ex boyfriend’s name is Trey. It got me thinking that something happened to him and how weird it was that this guy I just met knows someone well enough named Trey that has a bike also.

Well he called around to several people and found out that his friend was ok. I called my ex and talked to him, not about the accident though, I just talked to him about random crap just to talk to him and know he was ok. Later that night though when I had left my new boy friend I saw one of my really good friends that hated my ex. He told me that earlier he had seen my ex driving his bike and was almost hit by a car but it barely missed him and he didn’t even notice there was a close call. How weird and how scary is that? And not to mention that I was almost 150 miles away from where my ex lives.

From: “Stephanie Gilbert” sgilbert@swri.edu
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: i think of things and they somehow come true
Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 5:06 PM

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