I’ve been reading these stories for a while now and I figured it’s about time to share my own with you.

It was a rather warm August night of 1985 somewhere right on the outskirts of Orchard Park, New York. It was such a warn night that we all slept with our blankets off. It was a very relaxing evening, nothing out of the ordinary.

We had all fallen fast asleep–that is, everyone except me. All I could foucus my concentration on was the ticking of the clock in the dining room. I was covered under two comforters. Despite the humid weather I was chilled to the bone! My heart was racing a mile per minute and I had no idea why. I took a few deep breaths and calmed my wandering mind down.

About an hour or so later just as sleep was settling in, I heard a loud crash! I sat up immediately and jumped out of bed so fast I didn’t even have time to collect my thoughts. I paused for a moment and came to the conclusion that the crash had came from my parents’ room. I inched my way to their room and saw that the light was on so I just figured something got knocked over, but boy was I dead wrong! I knocked on their door but there was no answer. So I knocked again harder, which in our old house opened the door right up.

When my eyes adjusted to the light I found my mother in the corner of the room holding her arms as if she had hit it but when she removed her hand to show me there were five scrape marks like claw marks of some sort as if something grabbed her. [the print was far too big to be human] My dad was half asleep next her trying to make sense of what she was saying happened.

According to my mother she was in a deep sleep when she was suddenly awoken my a wave of chilling cold air! She turned her head to see if my father was woken up to but to her shock right next to my father was the face of some kind of devilish demonic creature. She said she tried to scream but she couldn’t get the words out. Then the next thing she knew she was on the other side of room and this thing was staring right at her. Finally she got a scream out [which I never heard] which woke my father up, but of course by this time the apparition or whatever was there had gone. When she told my father and me the story it sounded silly but when we looked at her face as pale as it was and as terrified as she had been we had to believe her. Since then nothing else like this has happened to us. We moved about a month later and we try not to speak of the incident.

Note: my mother never took drugs, she drinks no alcohol and never had any record of a mental disorder. Feel free to email me with anything. My name is Tom Laufer.

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