Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 12:49:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: The Story Page
Subject: Story Submission

I have one story. The first one is about my stepfather, and I know he is not lying. Anyway, he was at a party, and he had not been drinking. He was at a old farm. We live in Norway, and in the old days, the farmers brought their cows to a little farm in the mountains. The farm now was used as a cottage.

He was going to get a ashtray in another part of the farm (the place where they kept the cows), and walked right inside. There, an old lady sat bent over something he couldn’t see, and she looked old and sad. She wore a blue and white dress. He stood for a few seconds, and looked at her, and then went.

When he came inside, he told about her, and it showed up that a child had died there, and an old lady had been watching the child, until it died. I have asked him several times, but he didn’t get scared, and he was calm, and didn’t think that it was a ghost.

I have seen a ghost myself, but I can’t say if i was hallucinating, or not. It happened this way:
In our town, there is an old legend about a horse, who got scared by a canon in a battle, and it ran scared out of a big wall, who defended the military’s camp (It was not actually a camp, but three big buildings on the top of a hill). The children in my town say that you can see the marks after the horse’s foot, in the stone. I liked to play there when I was younger, and often wanted to see the ghost they said was there. Once, me and my friend walked down from the hill, when I turned and saw the back of a horse. I also saw a rider, in just those clothes they used there for three hundred years ago.

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