Hello. I’ve been reading many of the stories on your site and felt compelled to share. I must preface this story by saying that NO ONE ever believes me when I tell this story so I stopped telling it. I must admit though, if someone else told this story to me, I might not believe it too. Anyway, here it goes.

About six years ago in 1999, I was seeing a girl from Morganton, North Carolina. I’ll call her Mona. She was a college student who was renting a small one bedroom house off campus. We met through a mutual friend and maintained contact via online chatting and telephone since I lived about seven hours away.

Anyway, we hit it off nicely and began talking all the time. One night we got to talking about ghosts and the paranormal. I had never seen anything but I shared with Mona a couple of strange happenings that I had experienced and some spooky stories I knew. Then she told me she was “sensitive.” Mona told me that her mother and grandmother were able to see ghosts and that she had some of their abilities too. She told me about a male ghost who had been around her since she was a little girl. She said he would periodically pop up from time to time, usually when there was drama in her life.

At the time, I don’t think I really believed her. I was open to the possibilities of ghosts and spirits, but still, when someone tells you they can sense and even see them, you have your doubts. After that first conversation about ghosts, at least once a week, our conversations would go back to the subject. Usually, it was me being curious and asking her about stuff she had seen or felt or whatever.

One night after a typical conversation, we said our good nights and hung up the phone. I was already lying in bed when Mona called back. She was audibly shaken. She said there was something in the house with her. I asked her if she had seen who or what it was. She said no, but she said she could hear it walking up and down the hallway outside her bedroom door. Too frightened to sleep, she called a friend to come get her.

Even after this, I still wasn’t sure what to think. Then one night, Mona suggested that I come spend the weekend, not for a ghost hunt or anything, just to spend some time together. We were both stressed from school work and with labor day coming up it seemed like a good idea. When Mona told me that she was now convinced her house was haunted, I still just brushed it off as a test to see how much I wanted to see her.

On Friday, I drove eight hours and arrived after 8:00 PM that evening. At first, things were a little awkward, but we quickly got comfortable with each other, laughing and joking like we did on the phone. We watched a movie, then she gave me a pillow and blanket and said I could crash on the couch. It was a little disappointing, haha! Anyway, I had forgotten all about the
whole haunted house thing until she turned the lights out and shut her bedroom door. As I was lying there, eyes wide open, I was looking around without breathing. Suddenly… NOTHING. I giggled and quickly fell asleep.

The next day, we spent the day together sightseeing. After a late lunch, we came back to her house and met her sister and brother. I’ll call her sister Kelly and her brother Frank. Kelly was the typical cute younger sister type. But Frank was a strange cat. Frank was slightly retarded. Mona told me that Frank had been in and out of a mental hospital for years. That kind of spooked me, but wanting to impress my girl, I was as nice and as casual around Frank as possible.

Now, the plan was for all of us to go to their oldest brother’s restuarant for dinner. However, just as we were about to leave, Frank insisted on staying home. He wanted to play some games on the internet and chat with some friends. After futily trying to get Frank to join us, the girls gave up and we went to dinner.

After dinner, we came home around 11:00 PM. All the lights were out. We thought maybe Frank had gone to bed. But when we walked in the front door and turned on the lights, we found Frank curled up in a corner sweating his ass off and breathing like he had just run a marathon. This is where things start to get WEIRD.

The girls seemed to act as if they expected Frank to be like he was. They just went into the bedroom. I sat on the couch and Frank slowly joined me. I looked at him and said, “Frankie, you ok buddy?” And he replied with a scary ass giggle, “Yeah man, I’m ok. I jus-jus-just see lots of ghosts.” Dead silence. I mean, what do you say to someone who just said something like that to you. A couple of minutes later, Kelly came out and her and Frank left, bidding Mona and I good night.

I should have left right there and then. I should have gone to a hotel. But what can I say, I was young and horny (just being honest). So, Mona and I were alone again. We started to watch a movie, Good Will Hunting. When it ended, it was about 1:00 AM. We both were tired, but wanted to spend more time together so we put in another movie, Titanic.

About 20 minutes into the movie, we heard noises coming from the kitchen. It sounded like someone was clinking dishes together. We were lying on the floor and both sat up immediately. She told me, “Go see what that is.” Bravely, I responded, “NO. It’s your house, you go.” After a few seconds, the noises stopped. We watched the movie for another half hour more and decided to go to bed.

I was expecting her to bring me a blanket and pillow again. But when she said I could share her bed with her, it was enough to make me forget the dishes. Haha.

Okay, so I’m on her bed laying down. She went to the bathroom and took FOREVER by the way. When she came back, she smiled at me and SHUT THE DOOR behind her. She joined me on the bed and we kissed. The lights were still on. And for some reason, I opened my eyes. And fuck me, the DOOR WAS OPEN!

I pulled away and asked, “Didn’t you shut that door?” She replied, “Yeah, I think so.” She got up, shut the door again and this time LOCKED IT. She turned off the lamp and joined me again on the bed. We began to make out again. Several minutes later, as my eyes got used to the dark, I looked up again. And guess what, that fucking door was WIDE OPEN AGAIN! Now I was spooked. But as I learned that night, there are other emotions that can override the emotion of fear. Eventually, we started doing the thing that two adults do when they are REALLY attracted to each other.

Here’s the part that no one believes. As I was “finishing,” I looked up towards the doorway again. And I could have sworn, I saw the silhouette of a small woman. I blinked from the sweat in my eyes and she was gone. Later when I asked Mona if she had seen anything, and she said no because her eyes were closed.

Later that week, after I had gone home, Mona told me that she had a dream. In the dream, she told me that an old woman came to her and apologized for scaring us. She told Mona that she had lived and died in that little house. She said she didn’t mean to scare us, she was just trying to get our attention.

I’ve told both of my brothers about this story and they didn’t believe me. I told a male cousin about it and he just laughed. I told my wife about this weekend with this girl, and my wife laughed. Now I’m sharing with you guys. I admit it is a bit funny in retrospect, but it’s what happened.

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