This story is not something that I experienced, but my sister did. She swore that this was true.

About 20 years ago my whole family, including my cousin, lived in a house in Royal Oak, Michigan. Everyone was becoming adults and starting to move out of the house so it was fairly empty now. Our house was pretty old and it had previously been owned by an elderly couple. When we were very young, we used to scare each other with stories we made up about the old man’s and woman’s ghosts. Our family was and is still very religious so we believed in spirits and angels, but some of us still believed in ghosts.

So anyways, it was a very ordinary day and my sister was sitting in the living room reading. There was nobody else inside the house. I was outside so she was alone. She got up to go outside and she turned to look at the front door. Standing there was the ghost of an old man. He was just staring at her like he knew her. She swore it was a ghost because he looked slightly transparent and he wasn’t moving much. She turned away and then looked back. He was gone.

My sister immediately ran out the back door to tell me what happened. At first I didn’t believe her because she spoke of the “old man” that everyone made up stories about. But as she described it, it didn’t sound as fake as I thought, and all of the doors were locked when she was inside the house. My sister told the entire family what had happened and said that she wasn’t going to live in the house anymore and she was moving out ASAP.

The house has been torn down by now because it was very old and falling apart, but to this day, everyone in our family still thinks of this story when someone mentions a “ghost”. It might have been real but it might have not.

There were no old men on our street…

From: “Shireen Mompay”
Subject: Ghostly Man
Date: Thursday, September 15, 2005 8:25 PM

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