From: “Wayne Sturgeon” (
Subject: Swamp lights

Hi there , I have seen these lights for about twenty years now. The local people call them swamp lights, as they are usually seen in swampy areas. I live in Ontario Canada and they say that even in the spring they are seen on warmer nights. When there is a hot day and the evening seems to cool down quickly, you can be sure they will be there. Sometimes there two or three of them. I estimate that they are about 2′-3′ in diameter They will rise above the trees about 30′ . The colour is orange , amber or yellow . They have been seen about one hour before sunset and I have watched them till about 2:am There are two places that I have personally seen them but I guess there are more. I find it facinating but I never had any luck in photographing them. Sincerely wayne Sturgeon

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