Well, a few years ago (im 14 now by the way!) there was some strange stuff going on in my house. Well I had this toy plane with 4 propellers that spun when you would turn a knob on the top of the planeā€¦ So one night I am watching TV and I notice that the propellers are rapidly spinning. (the plane sat atop my TV.) So I wached and in 10 seconds they slowed and stopped. I checked my window and it was closed. I felt the TV to see if it was hot (hot air rises!) and it was not even warm. So I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. 5 minutes later they start up again. They spin for about 15 seconds and then they stop.

It hasn’t happend again but a few months later something even stranger began to happen. I was home alone and was in my PC room playing LEGOS. (I was like 11 okay!) I turn toward the door and I see an orange face with a open, pitch black mouth and a large pitch black eye. The other side of the face was covered by the door. It remains for a split second and then vanishes. I was pretty shaken but then came to think my eyes were fooling me again. However, a few weeks later I see the same face in the washroom as I pass by, and again half the face is covered by a door (this time the washroom door). Now I am freaked. A few more weeks later, a friend comes to my house and he reports the same face, this time looking through the window of my room, and again half the face is covered, this time by the edge of the window. These sightings continue for a while, I see it and so do friends. It has stopped about half a year later, but to this day, I am still shaken by these events.


My dad bought the house in ’95 and I am not aware of any deaths that happened here. If you you would like to contact me, e-mail amphibious25@hotmail.com

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