My friend turned seventeen a while ago, and he decided to throw a little get-together. The night started off with indoor paintball, and then we all made our way back to his house for the drinks and the girls. All was going great. Time had passed and the party was dying out. All the girls had left and we all sobered up.

By this time we were all playing on the Xbox talking about ways to entertain ourselves. Then out of the blue ghosts popped up, and we started talking about stories, experiences, and tale tales. My friend’s mum joined the conversation, and she herself is a very spiritual person. She claims she has been in contact with ghosts and she can sense when they are about. Her stories were very believable and with every word she told I became more and more curious. She had warned us not to mess with this stuff; she explained that contacting the dead is like leaving all the doors and windows open to your house, and letting anyone in, good or bad.

We did not really listen to her warnings and we went ahead with our own oujia board. We left all our possessions inside, and made our way to the glass table which is located in the back yard. We cut out squares of paper, and wrote down the alphabet, including two pieces of paper labeled yes and no. We put one of the shot glasses we used earlier into the center of the table. Before we started I urged that we all pray and think about the person that we would most likely want to contact. We placed our fingers on the shot glass, closed our eyes, and we thought. I pictured my grand dad, and the others pictured dead relatives also.

As we were thinking, a friend came from inside and decided to join us; he set up a video camera to film us, and then pulled a chair and sat. Moments passed, and I said out loud, “Hello, I am Ian, and I would like to contact my grand dad, please could you come and find me, and we are not wanting to communicate with any bad energy.” Then about two minutes later the glass started to slowly move, it started spelling out made up words. I though some one was trying to be stupid, but our fingers were relaxed, we were all scared stiff and we weren’t guiding the glass, the glass was guiding us. We kept asking it more and more questions, and the more we asked the glass moved harder and faster. By this time our arms were being thrown around and we could feel the energy all around us.

I then asked if it was positive energy that we were communicating with, and then the glass stopped on no. We all stared at each other, and just as we thought we lost contact, the power to the whole house went out. At first, we realized that this might just be a coincidence, but then we looked over to the camera, and we found that it also had gone of at the same time. The scary thing is the camera has nothing to do with the house’s electricity, because it runs off a battery, which was on full. When we watched the footage, were the camera had stopped, the screen slowly went white and burnt out. Ever since then I have thought twice about doing ouija board, and approached supernatural material with an extreme caution.

By: Ian Ingleby

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