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Incident happened on October 31 and November 1 of 2005. (Both at night)

My best friend, Erin, and I both have family members who have passed away and we’ve both had subtle experiences that can be considered “communicating” with them. I’d like to think that I have some sort of clairvoyance, as many strange things have happened to me in my life.

This story is centered on an incident recently, however. It was Halloween (also happens to be Erin’s birthday) and we decided to buy a Ouija board. We went back to our apartment with our other friend Megan and then set it up with candles. Then we put our hands on it. As soon as we asked if someone was there, it moved to YES. We asked their named, it said JACK. Then we asked when he was born, he said 1988. He also said he had died the day before. Then Erin asked if he knew any of us and he said YES ERIN. She asked how and he said SCHOOL WARREN. Mr. Warren was a teacher of hers.

Over the next two hours we had a full conversation with “Jack.” He was really nice and even had a sense of humor. He would joke with us and say “JK” (meaning ‘Just kidding’) or he’d say “LOL” (meaning ‘Laugh out loud’). After playing for about fifteen minutes, our friends called us to let us know they were coming over. So I asked “Jack, will you stay if our friends come over?” and he said “MAYBE” and we said “Why only maybe?” and he replied “I DON’T LIKE TYLER.” (Tyler was one of the friends coming over). This made us laugh of course. But anyway, turns out that about 8 friends came over and everyone took turns talking to “Jack.” When my roommate Jessica walked in, the board immediately spelled out “HEY JESS.” And then “BEAUTIFUL.” Then Jack kept asking to talk to her, but she refused (she’s a very strong Christian). She asked “Why?” and Jack said “GOOD NEWS.” So finally he spelled it out for us, “ANDY WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.” (Andy is her boyfriend of two years who she was having problems with).

That night was crazy for us—so much information we got from Jack. He was a sweetheart though, he never told us anything scary or bad. Finally, we said goodnight and made Jack promise to come back when we played again.

The next night, Megan and I set up the board ourselves (Erin had gone to Texas that morning). We asked if anyone was there and it immediately said YES. We asked if it was Jack and it said NO. Again we asked name, year born, etc. It was TRACY, born in 1988. We asked if she died in a car accident, she said NO. Illness? NO. Murder? NO. Then we asked what she wanted to talk about and she said DEATH. I replied “No Tracy, I don’t want to talk about that. How about we talk about music. What’s your favorite band? She spelled NO DOUBT. Then after awhile the planchette started moving aimlessly and we got frustrated so we said “Stop!”

A few minutes later we asked if anyone was there again and it said JACK. He said BAD and we asked “Why?” and he replied SUICIDE (I think he was insinuating that Tracy had committed suicide). That kind of creeped me out.

So we talked to Jack for awhile and then we asked if he had anything to say to us. He said YES and spelled Megan’s initials. Then he said GRANDPA SORRY MEAN (her grandpa used to be mean to her. Not in a physical way, just like all those grumpy grandpas are). Then he spelled her initials again and RAPE. I looked at her and she didn’t make eye contact. I said “When?” (because I thought it was a warning that Megan was going to get raped) then Jack said “ALREADY”. Megan admitted later that she had been raped and never told anyone.

Ok, this is the weird part. I asked “Jack, tell me something I did today that no one else would know about.” And he said “CALLED CLIENTS” (I work in an office, and I did in fact call clients today. I only call clients about once a month so this was weird). Then I asked him to name one of them and he spelled “TONY.” Then Megan asked the same question about her day and Jack spelled “MY LITTLE PONY.” (She informed me that she had colored My Little Pony drawings in her room that day. Alone.)

I wish I could list everything that was said, but it was insane how much Jack knew. He could tell us almost everything. The funny thing was, he was wrong about stuff sometimes, like when my friend called me I asked “Who is this on the phone?” and he said RYAN, but it was actually another friend.

When we left we asked if he’d be there for us to talk to later and he replied ILL BE HERE. Sad thing was, we never got to talk to him again because my guy friend tore up the board later that night because he said we were becoming too obsessed. I’ll never get to talk to Jack again, which I feel bad about because he seemed to have fun talking to us.

Anyway, that’s my story!

From: “Shawnee”
Subject: Story submission
Date: Thursday, November 03, 2005 4:00 PM

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